Atmosphere and bookcase

At Laetitia’s place, the ambiance is both Scandinavian and ethnic. The ethic spirit is also present into Laetitia’s beautiful allure who wears almost only vintage pieces and is a collector of old dresses and coats. A glimpse to her wardrobe leaves us dreamy… We also notice that with four children living here, the house is very tidy. “Ah I am please you say it, laughs Laetitia, I am always after them about that!”

The bookcase (model String, especially convenient and pretty) is in the living room. She will set another one in the corridor, as she needs more space. “I have been carrying my books from flat to flat for years and I never throw any books” she explains. And she is very careful with her books. “But with my six year-old daughter I have to accept that books can be mistreated. She lives with her books without any complex, and somewhere I think that she is right.”

There are also many books in her kitchen – where the collection of jars gives an idea of how much Laetitia cooks. “I love it and cook all the time” she says, adding that she is vegetarian and cooks mainly vegetables. Amongst her favourite cookbooks: Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, Plenty and Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi and Breakfast-Lunch-Tea by Rosa Carrarini.


“Regarding literature – but not only – I am a lover of end of 19the century, beginning of 20th century era” says Laetitia. She reads again and again La recherche by Marcel Proust and loves poetry by Eluard, Rimbaud and Baudelaire. “My tastes are very classic and I am less sensitive to contemporary authors.” Amongst the great books of her life, the ones of Simone de Beauvoir, whom she admires a lot. “I even named my brand Simone after her”. Under this brand, Laetitia makes and sells beautiful and unique pieces of indigo dye. From whence the presence of several books about the art of dye. And also many books about art and photography, especially about Robert Mapplethorpe: “I am a big fan and thanks to him I discovered Patti Smith who is now a major feminine figure in my life.”


Laetitia grew up in a small village in French countryside. Her parents owned a restaurant and where working very hard. Reading has been a real opening on the world. She spent hours in their bookcase and art books discovering the work of Michel-Ange. She remembers her emotion looking at La Pieta. “And it is my grandmother who pushed me, through literature, to be an independent and free-spirited woman. While she was ironing the tablecloths of the familial restaurant, we had some wonderful conversations about literature and feminism.”